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Scouts-modeling agents

+ Scouts are the modeling agents. Usually, these are independent escort girls who already worked with some agencies and after they promote their companies if they are food in job and friendly to models. Such scouts have good reviews.

- Sometimes scouts promote bad companies and wrong conditions unknowingly cause they did not work there and did not check the employer. Such scouts have bad reviews.

Regions, Countries, Cities
Cities, Countries, Regions

For a modeling agent, it does not matter in which city or country he lives.

Agents find girls from 18 to 30 years old to work abroad (USA, Australia, Europe, Turkey) and have a good stable income.

Agencies cooperate with scouts that have qualities: active, purposeful, able to communicate competently, and interest.

Agencies are interested in cooperating only with scouts who already have their own established channels for finding girls to work abroad. It can be both personal achievements and various modeling and escort agencies around the world.

Girls prefer honest scouts and with a good reputation, who have contacts from the best agencies.