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Images: scouts, agents, agencies, customers can place an offer in this category. Example dinner, yacht, bachelor party. Clients can place how much they want to pay.

Travel is rest with a client in different countries, for ex.: a trip to the Maldives, Dubai. Models should have visas of the countries they want to visit.

Job Offer: meeting from 1hour in your town.

Work on the tour: agencies and scouts invite models to their countries to cooperate.

Massage: looking for a professional massage therapist.

There are different kinds of escort jobs for girls, gigolos, LGBT (gays, TS, lesbians), BDSM (slaves and mistresses): tours to agencies' countries, travel as girlfriend or boyfriend with a rich person, party images, real today job offers. Choose you are interested in working in by sorting: Tours, Travel, Images, Offers.

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Jobs for escort models

Are you tired of the dullness of your own life? Is a constant lack of money what you deserve? Uninteresting work or study at a provincial college or university does not give any chances for really high earnings even in the long run? Welcome LGBT escorts gays, TS, lesbians, and Gigolo adult work, not so popular as girls' suggestions, but maybe you can find the best precious friends in your city. Dubai call girls.

Is the fight against an endless series of everyday problems, communication with mundane people on boring topics - this is what you need to spend the best years of life? Just choose the escort offer for girls and call it there. Your job is communicating with exciting and very wealthy people, visiting the best restaurants, clubs, exhibitions, participating in the most vibrant social events. Just be a girlfriend, people, ready to pay for their mood. Determine the work schedule yourself; you look who suggests the best offer. Complete privacy and security are one of the pillars of organizing escort work in the field of companion services, intimate leisure, which is critically important. Therefore, this principle is always respected and unconditionally. You can be independent, look job offers from customers.

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Who place jobs here? Offers and Customers place images & offers, independent girls, agencies, scouts. Escort agencies can place tours, scouts -modeling agents.