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Black List

Black List of Independent escorts, Agencies, Clients. Members Area! Login to see all escort, Black List. Safety should be first.

Regions, Countries, Cities
Cities, Countries, Regions

Dangerous Customers: thief, aggressive clients, crazy rude group, threatening to call the police, fake money, stole the money, don't pay cash, time-waster, false booking, change the price when arrive.

Fake Agencies: a crazy rude group of girls stolen money, not original - fake pictures, give prepayment and no services, change conditions after customer arrives, not professional.

Black List of Independent Escorts: ripped money or goods from customers, stole the commission of agency, not original photos, false information (services and parameters), not-serious in work, stole clients, change her wishes on payment just before arrival. Example of agents: we pay her tickets, but she did not arrive. Example of customers: I give her prepayment, but she did not answer.

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